As everything else in the planet, the future of our sport depends on the sustainable use that we make of our resources. We, as governing body and you as OC have a joint responsibility in delivering events that will not only respect the environment in which it's taking place, but also promote an environmentally-friendly behaviour.

In order to facilitate that, the UCI offers you the reCycling Guide.

ReCycling is a working tool that will help the OC to plan and deliver the event within a sustainable framework. Through some simple and practical actions, the UCI recycling will offer a significant improvement in terms of strategic planning and minimization of the event's environmental impact.

reCycling Label

The UCI reCycling Label is awarded to OCs who have committed to applying the guidelines in the preparation and delivery of their event. Several UCI World Championships and World Cup OCs have profit from this credential to cope with the growing demand of environmental policies, imposed by local authorities, while promoting a greener image of their event.

For any assistance, best practices of other UCI events an how to get started with your UCI recycling,

Please contact the UCI info@uci.ch

The UCI ReCycling Label represents the highest commitment to the environment. By subscribing to this program, the OC commits to organising the event according to the guide and sending the evaluation form filled in once it took place. They will have the right to use the Label in any communication/promotional material related to the event.

2. Resources of the Label Program

  • The UCI reCycling Label
  • A printed copy of the guide
  • Open line with UCI's Green Leader
  • Recognition hall in UCI website
  • Grading of their evaluation form
  • Case studies from other green events