The Color Run Brussels presented by Keytrade Bank pulled out all the stops again: the runners' festival did actually turn into a real festival... thanks to the beats, animation and the cloud of colours!

The participants started in waves with a delay of 5 minutes between them from 3pm to 4:30pm. Before setting off, they were able to follow Zumba sessions on the stage. NRJ DJs NDY & PSAR created the ambiance throughout the day.

During the Color Throws, which happened every twenty minutes, NRJ and Desperados really stood out: shooting goodies out of bazookas, hostesses on the stage, dancers... In short: it was a high-energy moment. This year's theme was the love tour: the focus was love, feeling good, making each other feel good and our planet!! Along the course, there was entertainment by, i.a. jugglers, Djembes and of course a cloud of colours. A real festival atmosphere! It was an even bigger surprise to have Adi and Mariette there, two of the contestants in the TV-series on VTM AROUND THE WORLD WITH 80-YEAR-OLDS, who joined the party.

Organiser Golazo even brought the sunny weather. They provided sun screen for everybody. The runners were also able to get photos made by KeyTrade Bank. One of the competitions was that you could recreate their logo. DJ Masai offered some more sunny beats; he was there spinning discs courtesy of Nalu.

The energy drink was also part of the finisher packs. After all, there was a starter AND a finisher pack!