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Curriculum Vitae of Ms. Mieke Boeckx
-Professional Occupation
-Sports Biography
-Start to Run : A brief history
-Start to Run: Sports Consulting
-Start to Run in the Flemish media

Name: Boeckx
Surname: Mieke
Adress: Koekoekstraat 5; B-2460 Kasterlee; Belgium.
Telephone: +32 14 55 57 59
Mobile +32 496 02 05 28
Email: mieke.boeckx@pandora.be
Professional Occupation
Physical Education teacher at the "Sint-Jozefsinstituut" in Herentals, Belgium (Secondary Grade; i.e. 12-18yo) from September of 1972 to 1984 as a full-time occupation, and part-time afterwards. I currently teach 10 hours a week.

BLOSO-teacher for the course "Jogging Trainer". BLOSO is the governmental Administration of Physical Education, Sports and Outdoor life for Flanders.

Provider of Sports Consultancy, advice and sports projects coordination and support for companies, non-profit organizations, newspapers and televised media through my one-woman company "Parbel", located at my home address: Parbel NV; Koekoekstraat 5; B-2460 Kasterlee; Belgium.
Sports Biography

In my younger years I practiced sprinting, hurdling and long jumping, and won the gold medal at the Belgian Championships a number of times in 4 X 100m and 4 X 200m relay teams.

Since 1988 I was mostly involved in long distance running. I participated in numerous long distance road courses and ran the marathon in a.o. London, New York, Paris, Reims, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Echternach, Eindhoven, Bruges, Etten Leur and Torhout.

Running marathons, I won the silver medal on the European Master Championship in Bruges in 1989. In 2003 I won the Masters category at the Belgian Championship in Torhout. My personal best marathon time is 3 hours 14 minutes and 27 seconds.


I founded womens volleyball and basketball teams in 1973.

I played tennis for 10 years.
Start to Run : A brief history
I started the first "Jogging for Beginners" course in 1997. This course would eventually become the "Start to Run" project. It was a great success right from the start, with a lot of people joining in. For this 10 week course I wrote the training schedule and developed the appropriate training method.

From 1998 to 2000 I developed jogging projects for large non-profit organizations such as KAV, KVLV and KWB, as well as for mutual health insurance associations. KAV is the biggest women's movement in Flanders, while KWB is its male counterpart. KVLV is a Flemish association of women living in the countryside.

In 2001 the "Jogging for Beginners" project became the "Start to Run" project, but the training method remained exactly the same. I cofounded and copromoted "Start to Run" for the VAL (Flemish Athletics Association). Numerous local Athletics Associations joined this project as it could bring athletics to a lot of people efficiently, and purely on a recreational basis. In just 6 years time more than 70.000 people joined "Start to Run" throughout Flanders. The member list of the Flemish Athletics Association has been growing strongly ever since.

In 1997 I founded a local Athletics Association in Herentals, where I provide jogging courses for both beginning as well as trained joggers.
Start to Run: Sports Consulting
Over the last five years companies have approached me to help improving the physical condition/health of their employees. I this context I organized numerous courses for both beginning as well as trained joggers, as well as info sessions and workshops.

As a reference I can mention Janssen Pharmaceutica (Johnson&Johnson), Lu Biscuits, Alcatel-Lucent, KBC Bank and a significant number of smaller companies. I also supported the "Start to Run" project at the Lessius Highschool in Antwerp (Higher Education).
Start to Run in the Flemish media
Newspapers & Magazines

I cooperated with all major Flemish newspapers who wanted to educate their readers on health and physical education topics. The "Start to Run" project was also covered in numerous periodicals. In this context I provided both training schedules as well as in-depth jogging information and tips to hundreds of thousands of readers.


The major Flemish networks have put the "Start to Run" project in the picture on multiple occasions, in order to promote a health lifestyle and to provide sports education to its viewers. "Vlaanderen Sportland" ("Flanders Sporting Country") was on television weekly, and viewers could also access the training schedule as well as in-depth jogging information and tips on the network's website. A downloadable podcast of the "Start to Run" was also offered there. The project has further been featured on local television stations throughout Flanders.
I authored two books on jogging.

"Start to Run - Lopen wordt kinderspel"

The book "Start to Run - Lopen wordt kinderspel" ("Start to Run - Running is Child's Play") came out in September 2006 and is targeted at the beginning jogger. It contains multiple training schedules, information and tips regarding shoe and clothing choice, a sports diet, stretching, etc.

"Loop! De gids voor elke loper. Van 0 naar 5, 10, 15 en 20 km"

"Loop!" ("Run! The guide for every jogger. From 0 to 5, 10, 15 and 20 km") is intended for the jogger who wants to move up from 0 to 20 kilometers in a responsible and healthy way. It fits the needs of every jogger, either beginner or experienced. The training schedules are adapted to one's own condition and offer programs for jogging up to 5, 10, 15 and 20 kilometers. Topics that are handled include:
  • How to pick the right running shoes and sportswear.
  • Stretching and warming-up excercises, heartbeat monitoring, etc.
  • How to keep in shape by cycling, swimming, skeelering, aquajogging, nordic walking, speedwalking or just by going to a sauna.
  • Sports diet tips and rules to improve your eating patterns for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Etc.