In his attempt to get the jackpot, Kenenisa Bekele obviously doesn't want to loose on the 5K at the Memorial Van Damme. He already has been beaten once this year, at Oslo.

A second defeat would exempt him from the race to the million dollars. "I really would like to improve my world record of 12.37.35. I have a great memory of last year, when I set that time at the 10k in the Koning Boudewijstadion.

On the other hand, I need to think about the jackpot and not have too many people take advantage of my work. My brother Tariku, who only last week has become world champion at the juniors in Peking, will help me achieve my goal. Tours of 60 - 60.5 seconds seem the target," the Ethiopian said.

The possible bad weather doesn't deter him too much. "In a cross country event the weather can be awful as well, but I do prefer a temperature between 17 and 22. Although, last year it was cooler and still I got my time!"