After his rather unhappy experience with pacemakers at the Weltklasse in Zürich the biggest concern for Saïf Saaeed Shaheen for the Van Damme Memorial seems finding the right pacemakers to pull him through the first 2 km.

"In Zürich everything was perfect until the second and third pacemaker were to come into action. The speed dropped and I couldn't compensate the loss in the last kilometers myself anymore. I should have taken the front earlier, but my personal trainer had urged me not to do so before the last kilometer as I had just completed a period of intensive training," the world record holder steeple clarified.

"The Brussels track is a fast one, I know, because I have always performed well on it. Initially, it was Peter Koech who would be my pacemaker, but he withdrew recently. A pity, because not that many athletes are currently at the best of their abilities. And I would love to come close to 7.52 or even run faster."

Last year Shaheen had announced to run different events this year than steeple. "That was my intention, but an injury at the start of the season prevented this. I had to keep low for more than six weeks. Still, in Rome I was only beaten by Kenenisa Bekele, even though I wasn't even close to my best condition."

"At the Athens World Cup I want to beat him though, because I prefer flat races over steeple, because it is a bit boring these days. I lack the tension of the final kilometer."