Asafa Powell feels confident about the Memorial Van Damme. Everybody knows he is a fast man on the track, but he also appears to really like art.

Asafa Powell's press conference at the Koning Boudewijnstadion was preceded by the auction of the painting, which was designed for the poster of the 30th edition of the Memorial. But the world record holder at the 100m - he no longer has to share the title with convicted cheat Justin Gatlin since Tuesday - did more than just watch and listen.

Powell joined bidding and even won the auction. He paid 5000 euros for it. "During high school I already was interested in art and I recently bought my first painting. This will be my third. I absolutely wanted to buy it because I really like it," the Jamaican sprinter says. The money for the oil painting by Martin Uvijn goes to a UNICEF AIDS prevention campaign in Namibia.

Being the only world record holder again clearly pleases Powell. "I was so eager to be the only record holder and wanted to do all I could to achieve it, but it is sad it now happened the way it did. Because a lot of sportsmen are being asked questions about and that shouldn't be necessary, of course."

Last year Asafa Powell missed out on the Brussels meeting, so he wanted to present this year for sure. "the two times I participated in Brussels, after Paris and after Athens, I always sprinted towards a personal best (9.87 in 2004). Should I want to do that for a third time, I need to break the world record, I'm aware of that."

"I ought to focus on my dive towards the finish as I tend to forget it, like last Friday in Zürich. It can make a difference of some 1/1000s. And in the long term, I need to optimalize my mid section of the 100m as there is still room for improvement."

Powell is not deterred by the possible bad weather. "I have managed some really good times in bad weather before, but of course I would like it not to rain. Some cooler weather though doesn't hinder me at all," he concluded.