One of the biggest names present at the Memorial Ivo Van Damme is Jeremy Wariner. Even though he is only 22, he already holds Olympic gold and the world record at the 400m.

Nevertheless, Wariner is not that well-known yet. Hidden behind his big shades the Texan wanders around fairly anonymously, but his achievements are compared more and more with the performances of the greatest 400m athlete ever, Michael Johnson. And the fact that Michael Johnson is his manager doesn't come as a surprise.

"He manages all the hassle and provides me with good advice and useful tips. People try to compare the two of us, but we only share our speed, the focus and will to work hard ", Wariner says. Which is acknowledged by his coach, Clyde Hart, an experienced American 400m trainer, who has had the supervision over the best quarter milers and who discovered Jeremy Wariner.

Wariner used to play American Football, but changed to track and field when he was 16 year old as he had noticed he had more of a future there.

"I'm really glad I have made that choice", Wariner says. "Thanks to track and field I've been able to travel much of the world, and I am Olympic and world champion. As a kid I already dreamt of the Olympic games and in Athens it was me who stood there on the podium."

Being 20 years only, Wariner was the youngest American ever to win gold at the discipline. Later on he would win gold again with the 4x400m team. He became world champion in Helsinki last year.

With three times under 44 seconds, two of which this year, he is the only one to do so, along with Quincy Watts, Butch Reynolds and of course Michael Johnson. "Being a regular under 44 seconds is my main aim for this year. And winning the jackpot."

Not a single soul who has any doubts about that.