The "KBC Night" is an international meeting. You will therefore run with bib numbers of the organization. Pre-registration is absolutely necessary because each athlete's starting number must be entered beforehand for automatic results processing.

Every year, the administration office of the KBC Night is confronted with logistic problems that take up a lot of time, both for the athlete and for the administrative staff.

In order to avoid unnecessary difficulties and to allow registrations to run smoothly, we adhere to the following registration procedure:

  • All registrations are done through the website
  • The necessary registration form must be filled out completely and correctly by WEDNESDAY 22 JUNE 2022 - 23h59. Registrations after this date unfortunately cannot be accepted.

It is not because the registration has been sent to us in time that the registration has been accepted! All accepted participants will receive a personal confirmation email on Friday 24 June. Without this email you will not be able to participate on 2 July! So make sure the email address you enter is correct! On Friday 24 June, the list of accepted participants will be published on the website so you can check if you are on the list, in case you did not receive the confirmation email for some technical reason.

Since this year, we also ask a registration fee of 5€. If you are not accepted to the meeting, the 5€ will be refunded.

To register, click here

Starting lists and program

The starting lists and the complete program (including timetable of the youth program and pre-program) will appear on our website on Thursday July 1st by 12 pm at the latest.

The organization will define starting lists and lane divisions, protest will not be accepted. The organization reserves the right to deliberate athletes which have not met the qualification standards.

Selected athletes

Presentation of the athletes

Athletes must present themselves at the stadium at least one hour before their respective event at the competition's secretariat where they will receive the necessary documents: number, wristband and a short briefing.

Any further questions?

If something is not clear or you have any problems, please contact the organization.

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