On 31 August, together with your confirmation e-mail, you will receive a notification how to register maximum 1 accompanying person according to the Corona / Covid 19 measures.

Entry main program only via athletes' liaison Marc Corstjens!

The "KBC Nacht" is an international meeting. This means that runners have a starting number issued by the organisation. It is absolutely essential that you pre-register because every athlete's starting number will have to be entered beforehand to allow the automatic processing of results.

Every single year, the KBC Nacht secretariat, which is set up specifically for this purpose, is confronted with administrative problems that consume a lot of time, both for the athletes and the administrative staff.

In order to prevent unnecessary difficulties and to allow the smooth running of registrations, we will adhere to the following registration procedure:

  • All registrations will go via the website
  • The registration form must be completed correctly and in full by WEDNESDAY 25th AUGUST 2020 - 12:00pm. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept any registrations after this date.

Contrary to the previous editions, we will not have a minimum number of participants from this year onwards but instead a maximum number of participants per challenge! Participants signing up will have the opportunity to enter their performance of the current or previous season. Signing up on time does not guarantee that your registration is confirmed! All confirmed participants will receive a personal confirmation email on Monday 31st August. You will not be able to take part on 6th SEPTEMBER without that email! So make sure that the email address that you use is correct! Those athletes who are not selected due to too many registrations will receive an email stating that they will be added to the waiting list.

The list of names of confirmed participants will also be published on the website on Monday 31st August so that you can check whether you are on the list if, for some technical reason, you did not receive the confirmation email.

The organisation reserves the right to limit the maximum number of participants per challenge based on the corona measures issued by the government.

Presentation of the athletes

Athletes must present themselves at the stadium at least one hour before their respective event at the competition's secretariat where they will receive the necessary documents: number, wristband and a short briefing.

Corona measures

A number of measures apply to athletes and their companions on the event site:

  • A maximum of 1 companion is allowed per athlete!
  • It is important that as an athlete you must register your companion/coach IN ADVANCE via the link in your confirmation mail!
  • Be sure to check your spam folder if you haven’t received your confirmation email.
kbc nacht coronamaatregelen

Any further questions?

If something is not clear or you have any problems, please contact the organization.

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