Relive the KBC Night 2006
Starring Tia, Kim, Veerle and Cedric. Tia Hellebaut won the high jump with 1.98 m and almost made the record height of 2.01 m.
Other Belgian highlights came from Kim Gevaert, Cedric Van Branteghem and Veerle Dejaeghere. Kim ran excellent times in the 100 and 200 m but just missed winning each time. Cedric Van Branteghem put all his ambition for the EC into a best season time of 45.39 in the 400 m. Veerle Dejaeghere was one of the leaders in the 3000 m with a time of 9:32.69. In so doing, she improved on Sigrid Vanden Bempt's national record by more than 2 seconds. Veerle was also placed 7th in the European rankings for 2006.

Promising performances by Thomas Matthijs and Pieter Desmet

Pieter Desmet (photo photonews)
Thomas Matthijs had a wonderful week of athletics behind him by the end of July 2006. At age 21, he has made brilliant progress. 1:45.75 is a top European time.

The Belgian highlights were too many to mention. Pieter Desmet arose from the ashes and ran his second best steeplechase time ever. Monder Rizki, Tom Compernolle and Tom Van Hooste stayed under the required EC limit in the 5000 m. Kristof Beyens improved to a brilliant 20.72. Tim Clerbout dove under 3:39 and could also go to Göteborg.

Exciting duels and world class times

The public could enjoy some exciting races. The Brew-Blackwood duel in the 400 m and the millimetre sprint in the 800 m, in which Khadevis Robinson had the upper hand, were fascinating to watch. A large leader group entered the final round of the 3000 m steeplechase for women and the 5000 m for men. Jeruto Kiptum and Micah Kogo were on top form in a protracted sprint. The 1500 m gave the very young Augustin Choge a chance to show off his class, although he had to do his utmost to keep ahead of his rivals.

Latasha Jenkins and LoLo Jones are not resonant names, but they won the 100 m in 11.03 and the 100 m hurdles in 12.56 respectively, which are simply world-class times. Richard Matelong also achieved a top time. He left the rest of the field far behind with an impressive solo race in the 3000 m steeplechase.

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