Relive the KBC Night 2007
Great performances, two wins for Kim and a lot of tickets for the worlds.
The international warming up for the KBC Night of Track&Field starts. The stadium already is pretty full, the weather is cloudy, there is some wind but for the time being it is still dry.

The B-series of the 800m has a very fast start. They pass the bell at 49.99. The American Jebreh Harris is the fastest and wins in an non-official time of 1.45.93. The KBC Night started with a great performance.

The 1000m of Limburg talent is a hit: children from 6 to 12 years get a taste of track and field.

The B-series of the 1500m is won by Moses Barmasai in a strong 3:38.75. The Kenyan runner was the fastest after a long sprint. The Belgian athletes perform well too: Koen Vandermarliere (3.41.65), Geoffrey Marion (3.42.05) and Kim Ruell (3.42.51) all improve their personal best!

The 1500m for women is an American feat. Top favorite Shalane Flanagan takes the lead after 1000m, in the last lap Erin Donohue tries to get away and Amy Mortimer tries to join her. In the last straight line Donohue wins a fierce sprint against Flanagan in 4.05.56.

In the pole vault the Belgian audience will be looking at Kevin Rans' performance, whereas Olympic champion Timothy Mack (US) is the international star.

In the 400m hurdles Elodie Ouedraogo has the best start, but she's passed by after 150m by Markita James. However, the American crashes on the sixth hurdle... In the meantime the Swedish Martensson started an impressive comeback and passes Ouedraogo at the last hrudle and wins in 56.61. Elodie finishes second in 57.41. 

Leroy Dixon wins the first series of the 100m in 10.14. The second series are dominated by another American, Mike Rodgers in 10.17. The final later in the evening already promises to be a very exciting event.

The shot put for women is won by the French Jessica Cerival with 16.33m, 16cm further than the Dutch Melissa Boekelman.

The audience enjoys a great run of the triple jump. The Ukrainian Olha Saladuha manages 14.37m in her third attempt. The Slovakian Dana Veldakova seems to be jumping even further, but her attempts are not qualified.
Carima Louami wins the B series of the 100m for women in 11.46. Hanna MariŽn is a great second.

Kim Gevaert wins the 100m convincingly! She beats the American favourite Me'Lisa Barber and the rest of the international field. With 11.04 she equals her national record, but the wind was blowing slightly too much in favour.
"This is not quite what I had hoped for", Gevaert said. "In the previous meetings I always made a small error, but today everything really went perfect."

Dana Veldakova manages 14.35m in the triple jump.

Milton Campbell started the best in the 400m, but the American Andrew Rock returns and finishes in a great 45.40.

Tia Hellebaut manages 1.89m already, Kevin Rans 5.50m !

In the 1500m the group breaks up when the Moroccon Mohammed Moustaoui ups the speed. Moustaoui turns the event into a demonstration and he wins in 3.33.74. In his first summer competition, Hassan Mourhit improves his personal best to 3.37.47.

LoLo Jones wins the 100m hurldes in 12.74, after a very close sprint against Nicole Deby and Josephine Onyia. 

In the high jump, Tia Hellebaut easily takes 1.92m but misses out on her first attempt for 1.95m.

Tia Hellebaut easily manages 1.95m in her second attempt. The 3000m steeple is won by the Swede Mustafa Mohamed in 8.05.75. Pieter Desmet (8.15.02) and Krijn Van Koolwijk (8.20.86) have run the limit for the world championships in Osaka !

The 800m lives up to its expectations: the first round is run in an incredible 49.72. After 500m Alman Webb takes the lead, but he is surpassed by the Canadian Canadees Gary Reed, who seems to be heading for victory, but Webb clinches on and passes Reed again in the final meters. The time of 1.43.84 is this season's second best.

Dwight Thomas wins the final of the 100m in 10.15. Leroy Dixon is second in 10.21.
Kevin Rans jumps 5.70m and qualifies for the worlds in Osaka !

In the 3000m steeple for women two more Belgians grab their Osaka ticket: Sigrid Vanden Bempt and Stephanie De Croock. With 9.31.71, Veerle Dejaeghere runs the second best time of her career. The event is taken by the Moroccon Hanane Ouhaddou in a sharp 9.25.51.

The Jamaican Christopher Williams wins the 200m in 20.32. The pole vault is won by the American Jacob Pauli (5.70m). Kevin Rans is second.

Muriel Hurtis has a great start in the 200m but is then overtaken by Kim Gevaert. Kim has a strong American LaShauntea Moore coming in close, but she manages to hold onto her lead and wins in 22.88.

The final event of the main programma, the 5K is won by the Moroccan Ahmed Baday who outsprints five other athletes in 13.11.09.
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