Are you ready? You will be participating in the virtual Athora Great Bruges Marathon this weekend, together with others, yet alone!

What can you expect? An extraordinary experience. You are running with your ear pods and are getting regular fun updates. There is an official start and your time will be registered as well. So, it's just like the real thing! Do you always run whilst listening to music? MyTrace works together with Spotify and will automatically mute your music so that you do not miss a thing.
Well begun is half done, even when it's virtual! To make sure that you appear at the start fully prepared and the app works optimally, we have some tips for you!
  1. Install the MyTrace app (App Store or Google Play Store) on your telephone. This is the Athora Great Bruges Marathon app.
  2. Set your preferred language in the MyTrace app to English (EN). Only that way can you hear all the audio updates.
    • Language setting Android
      • Check your language setting in your MyTrace profile
      • Go to your device's settings:
        • System
        • Language and input
        • Text to speech
        • Under 'languages' choose the same language as the one for your profile in the MyTrace app
        • If you cannot see your preferred language in the list, first click on the 'preferred engine' cog and choose the language you would like to install under 'install voice data'.
    • IOS Language settings
      • Check your language setting in your MyTrace app profile
      • Go to your device's settings
        • 'Siri'
        • Under "language" choose the same language as the one in your MyTrace profile
  3. Check whether your GPS function is switched on on your phone.
  4. Do not forget to switch on your mobile data! That is the best way of guaranteeing a real event experience.
  5. Turn your phone's media volume on.
  6. Choose your start wave. You can still change it at a later point.
  7. Make sure that your telephone and ear pods (if applicable) are fully charged before the start.
Race day!
  1. Make sure you are ready to go on time and have done your warm-up.
  2. Five minutes before the start, you will receive a notification on your phone inviting you to select 'check-in' in the MyTrace app. Two minutes before the start, the speaker will welcome you!
  3. Get ready, put your phone away and wait for the starting sound
  4. The app will automatically start at your chosen start time, let's go!
  5. Enjoy the experience!
Observe the traffic rules and be considerate to other road users. Stop at red traffic lights and look both ways before crossing. Be sensible, listen to your body and stay hydrated, also before your race.