Wellens: 'The overall was not key'
Tim Wellens aimed to win the stage into Aywaille. He did not have the leader's jersey in mind beforehand. Tom Dumoulin realises it will be difficult for him to remove the Belgian from the overall ranking.
Wellens claimed the sixth stage of the Eneco Tour in an impressive manner. He had a lead of 50 seconds on Boom on La Redoute. The Belgian from team Lott-Belisol also takes the overall leader from Dumoulin. "But the overall was not key, I'm very happy with the victory", Wellens beamed.

Although the young rider had done the effort on his own, he was lucky to find other teams isolated. "That saved my attack and helped me extend my lead", Wellens said. "I don't think the've been chasing me that hard."

The Belgian is the main contender to be following onto Stybar as the final winner overall of the Eneco Tour. "I'll have to keep an eye on the boni seconds", he knew. "It's not over yet, but we'll do anything we can."

Dumoulin was very disappointed to have lost the leader's jersey. "I only had Geschke as a teammate, but he then punctured", the Dutch rider complained. "I then responded to attacks by BMC, Boom and Grivko, but letting Wellens go was part of that plan. You simply cannot chase everyone."

"Everyone in the main group was exhausted, and looked to me for chasing the leader", Dumoulin said. "It will be hard for me now. I know the course very well, but I don't see much of an opportunity to make up for the lost time. The boni seconds will be very important."