Dumoulin: 'Stybar was very strong'
On the last day of the Eneco Tour, Tom Dumoulin had to cede his leader's jersey to Zdenek Stybar. When Stybar broke away in the finale, Dumoulin failed to follow.
"I couldn't keep up with Zdenek Stybar ," Dumoulin said, disappointed. "I wasn't in the same shape as yesterday, but I have to admit that Zdenek Stybar was incredibly strong."

"I wasn't caught by surprise, because I was right behind him in the finale. I just couldn't respond when he sped up. I had to let him go. That's all. I did what I had to do."

Dumoulin rode a tough race. Several riders tried for the leader's jersey. "When Sylvain Chavanel attacked, I was a little anxious," the Dutch rider admitted. "That was the first time my position was threatened. Luckily, I was supported by the other teams who were defending their ranking."

"On the Denderoordberg everything came together once again, and from that moment on, the motto was 'may the best man win'. Which I had to experience. I can't blame anyone. I simply wasn't good enough and could not keep up with Stybar. That's why I lost the Eneco Tour."