Stybar: 'I did not come here to win'
Zdenek Stybar won the Eneco Tour in Geraardsbergen, but even he was surprised. "I did not come here to win."
"This is very unexpected," Stybar admitted. "I had to wait a long time after getting injured and I didn't know whether I'd be in shape. The Tour of Poland proved that I was, but I did not come here to win." 
"I was considering the top 10, and maybe, if everything went exceptionally well the top 5, but I never expected to win," Styby said. This victory is an important step in the Czech's career. "This victory is important to me. I won two stages, and yesterday I almost won as well. This is amazing!"

Of course, Stybar is very happy with the shape he is in, and that he left cyclocross for road racing. "I'm happy I took that step," he said, beaming. "Yesterday I thought that it may be a little too step for me, but I do like races like today's."

However, Stybar thought that the final victory would be for his team mate, Sylvain Chavanel. "When he broke away, I mainly focused on keeping my second place," Stybar said. "But during the final climb, it was all or nothing for me. I didn't know Stannard was still ahead. But thankfully he was, because without hi it would have been really difficult."

Stybar did not leave the stage victory to Stannard, however. "I could not estimate how much we were ahead," Stybar explained. "But now I think it's a bit of a pity, I just couldn't stop."

The Eneco Tour winner also had something to say to second place Tom Dumoulin. "It is pretty amazing what he has done. He was incredible," Stybar complimented. "If he had been in the same shape as yesterday, it would have been really difficult. But today the race was very difficult to control."