Dumoulin: 'Stybar is important competitor'
Tom Dumoulin rode an excellent sixth stage in the Eneco Tour. He came in fourth on La Redoutem and he takes the white jersey from fellow Dutchman Lars Boom.
"Stybar will be an important competitor for the final victory," Dumoulin said. After all, 'Stybi' placed second in the sixth stage, so he is now only eight seconds behind Dumoulin. "I'm very happy with this jersey and I hope it'll still be mine Sunday night." 

"I had to catch up because I was also implicated in the fall with Philippe Gilbert among others," Dumoulin said. "I stayed calm and I managed to join the leading riders after a long pursuit. Of course, it cost a lot of energy."
Dumoulin did not expect that he would be able to try for the stage victory. "I surprised myself, that's how good I felt today. I did a lot of work myself today in the finale, yes. The others simply did not want to ride anymore. Grivko was the only one but he was exhausted. I chose to ride for the jersey. After all, you don't know if you'll get another opportunity tomorrow," Dumoulin clarified.