Boom: 'Had to go deep to keep the jersey'
Even after the Eneco Tour's individual time trial, Lars Boom is still leading the overall classification. "But I'll have to go deep to hold on to the jersey," Boom says. He is still four seconds ahead of Chavanel.
"We'll see what happens these next few days. I definitely want to hold on to the jersey until Sunday," Boom said after the finish. "

"I did have to dig pretty deep, if not I would no longer have been the leader today," he added. "The first part went very well. I think I lost too much time, but I really couldn't go any faster. I rode as fast as I could, the whole time," Booms says in retrospect.

"This is definitely a tour that suits me well. But now the Eneco Tour really starts with two tough stages left. Tomorrow, we have a difficult ride through the Ardennes, but I'm giving my all. I do pretty well uphill, so I think I'm ready. I do have to miss Mark Renshaw and Theo Bos, two important riders in our team. They could have done a lot of work, but it is the way it is."