Greipel: 'Eneco Tour already success because of victory'
After a few near misses, André Greipel finally clinches his first victory in the Eneco Tour. "'The Eneco Tour's already a success for me because of this victory," the Gorilla said.
"Our team had to try three times, but we finally managed to clinch a victory," Greipel mentioned. "Today, we could show that the team participating in this Eneco Tour could prepare me perfectly for the sprint. This time, everything went according to plan."

"My team mates took control of the race at just the right time. I only had to finish it in the last straight line. The finale was very hecticm though, with all those tiny roads. I had to really take care to maintain the right position in the peloton."

"What do I think about being only one second behind Lars Boom, who's now leading the overall classificationM That's not necessarily a goal for me. I wanted to winone of the stages, and I managed. Friday will be the individual time trial. Not exactly my specialty. Saturday and Sunday will be pretty tough as wellm so I can already say the Eneco Tour has been a success for me."