Greipel: 'Bad luck again'
German rider André Greipel placed fifth in the third stage of the Eneco Tour and now hods the red jersey for the points classification. He is not happy, however.
"I felt really good, today," Greipel says. "But at 1.5km before the finish line Jürgen Roelandts was leading the peloton, with me right behind him. I thought it was too early to start the sprint, so I held back a little. I saw the Omega Pharma-Quick.Step behind me, but I thought they'd follow. However, they stopped all of a sudden, leaving a gap and leaving Jürgen alone at the front.

"Three riders joined my team mate. Roelandts himself fell back, so I placed fifth. This is the second time that we're having bad luck in the preparation for the sprint in this Eneco Tour, but maybe we'll have better luck tomorrow."