Renshaw: 'This was not planned'
Mark Renshaw is the first leader in the ninth edition of the Eneco Tour. He surprised the sprinters with an attack about 1.5 kilometers before the finish line.
"This was not planned. I'm surprised too," Renshaw reacts. "We would start the sprint for Theo Bos, but all of a sudden I was riding at the front and I saw an opportunity. So I had to continue. It hurt, but I kept going. I'm exhilarated."

"I have to thank Theo for leaving a gap," the Aussie says during the press conference. "I took a lot of risks. A 1.5-kilometer sprint is pretty long."

This is Renshaw's second victory of the season. In February he won the Clasica de Almeria in Spain. "I've had a lot of bad luck this year with my crash in the Tour of Turkey and several second or third places. Now it's finally my turn! This is my biggest victory for Belkin to date."

The runner may get more opportunities on Tuesday, because the finale is more his thing than Theo Bos'. "I haven't looked at it yet," Renshaw admits. "It's not my decision anyway. If I have to ride for Theo, no problem. But of course I want to win. We'll see."

This victory should not change anything for Belkin. "Lars Boom will go for the overall ranking, and Theo Bos for the sprints," Renshaw says. Renshaw will leave the Dtch team for Omega Pharma-Quick.Step at the end of this season.