De Vreese: Classifications important for team
Laurens De Vreese won the combativity classification last year in the Eneco Tour. On Monday, he immediately grabbed hold of the black jersey.
"Classigfications are very important for our team, so I'm very happy that I received the black jersey," Laurens De Vreese said.

"We intended to make ourselves know, and that's what we did. I do have to thank my team mate Pieter Jacobs, because he helped me get the jersey. We immediately noticed that the three of us had a rough day ahead of us, bacause of the wind."

Nonetheless, their head start quickly increased. "We were surprised that we had an 8-minute head start so early in the race. But, it made it easy to get the points at the checkpoints. With a smaller head start, I would never have been able to win the second sprint, because I was exhausted at the end of this stage. I hope to keep the black jersey until Sunday, that would be nice."

De Vreese realizes that now is the time to make himself known. "Autumn's coming, and that's my season. That's when I'm at my best."