De Vreese: 'Black jersey is my goal'
Last year, Laurens De Vreese won the Eneco Tour's combativity classification. He is determined to repeat this feat this year. Today, he once again got the maximum points at the Primus Checkpoints and he now has a firm grasp on the black jersey.
"It was harder than the first stage. On Monday, we had an 8-minute head start pretty early on in the race, but now we really had to fight for every second in the first few kilometers of the race," says De Vreese. "It was very fast-paced. We were constantly riding around 54 km/h in the beginning of the race.

But the peloton quickly gave up. "They let us go. That's where I got lucky. It was my goal to be the first to cross the two Primus Checkpoints. I have a little breathing room now so I can take it a liitle easier.

The rider for Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise is not planning to rest on his laurels. He wants to dig deep one more time. "My plan is to give my all on Sunday. We'll see what happens these next few days in the race for the black jersey, maybe I'll change my strategy. Anyway, the final stage is very important to me, because my goal is to get that black jersey."