The rain didn't stop last Saturday evening, but neither did the 5,500 participants of the Brussels Night Run. They clearly enjoyed a wonderful track through the heart of Brussels city running past some amazing sound and light shows.

Alain Courtois, Brussels' Deputy of Sports, was delighted that the Night Run was part of the Brussels Sports Night for the second consecutive year. He gave the start shot of this unique event that gives the runners an opportunity to discover our capital from another, nightly angle.

Fortunately for the runners, the predicted stormy weather did'?t show up until after the event. For a moment the organisation thought that all parks in Brussels would be closed for public because of some heavy winds. But the parks were accessible for everyone on Saturday evening and there the participants could have a look at illuminated fountains.

Seeing all the headlights moving when wave 1 took off was definitely one of the most beautiful images of the evening. After the finish the runners could keep their headlights and they received an Aquarius. The flashy t-shirts were a nice souvenirs for the participants as well.