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Paralympic Team Belgium

The Belgian Paralympic Committee has two members, a Flemish and Francophone Federation: Parantee-Psylos vzw and the Ligue Handisport Francophone asbl, respectively. Together, they make up the Paralympic Movement in our country.

The Paralympic movement follows up top athletes and promising young athletes. Additionally, the movement wants to raise awareness in society about sport opportunities, and wants to give athletes with a disability a chance to perform a sport in a meaningful way. The federations focus on all disability groups, athletes with a physical, visual, mental disability or hearing impairment, and on all levels: from recreational sport to top sport and everything in between.

The movement has been working on a positive image with an emphasis on sports performances for years. Too many people still see the disability first before they see the athlete. Or rather: people focus too much on the impairment first and then look at the possibilities.

In cooperation with the BOIC (Belgian Olympic International Committee) Belgian athletes, associated with and prepped by the federations, via the Belgian Paralympic Committee, take part in World and European Championships and every four years in the Paralympic Games the only top sport equivalent of the Olympic Games for athletes with a physical, visual or mental disability.

Village no. 2 Queen Fabiola

Village no. 2 Queen Fabiola creates new opportunities for people with a disability. By encouraging our clients to exercise and stay fit, we help them to improve their quality of life on many levels.

Exercise helps people with a disability to be more independent, to increase their self-confidence and, despite their disability, to have a positive and active outlook on life. In addition, exercising and staying fit pays significant dividends when it comes to reducing diseases and disorders associated with having a disability.

As an umbrella organization, we provide care as well as employment via our two subsidiaries. Our care provider De Vijver vzw organizes activities for individuals with a mild to severe mental disability. Our customized employment workplace ACG provides employment for individuals with a mental or physical disability, commensurate with their capabilities.

For more than 50 years, we have been a bastion of trust and a reliable asset for people with a disability and their network, in and around Antwerp, mainly in Deurne and Borsbeek.