Allianz Memorial Van Damme - COVID-19

Your health and safety, as well as our employees' health and safety, remain our first priority.

We, as an organisation, are taking our responsibility in combatting the further spread of COVID-19. This means that we have a duty to comply with the current (and any additional general and specific) measures issued by the Belgian government. These measures can have an impact on the organisation and the running of the event, which might also include a change of allocated seating. Thank you for your understanding.

General info

  • The Allianz Memorial Van Damme is wheelchair accessible. Should you require tickets which allow for wheelchair access, please may we ask you to book tickets directly through the ticketing office instead of via the website.
  • The ticket prices exclude the 2€ reservation cost per ticket in case you order a ticket online. A reservation cost of 3€ will be charged for reservations by telephone or at the offices on site.
  • All tickets will be sent to you by email. Please make sure your email address is correct.

How to order your tickets

  1. Choose your price category hereunder.
  2. In the next step you can choose a specific stand.
  3. The best available seats will be automatically assigned.
  4. After payment your tickets will be sent by email.

Contact ticket office: +32 2 478 20 25 or via e-mail to

Notice! We try to support all modern browsers on as many devices as possible. If something does not work we advise you to switch to a modern browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari) or to another device to order your tickets.

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