Team Relay
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The UCI World Cycling Tour adds a Team Relay to the schedule of the UWCT final. In 2013 this will be a test event without official World Title but with a podium Ceremony with medals (but no jerseys).

The Team Relay will take place on Thursday Evening September 19th in the city center of Trento with teams of four riders, representing the same country. All riders have the wear the national jersey of their respective country. There's no limitation for the number of teams registered for the same country.

  • Thursday evening 19 September 2013 at 17.00h
  • Only riders with the same nationality can form a team
  • There will be a podium ceremony with medals, but no official jerseys. This is a test event for 2013
  • The team should be formed by 4 riders from the following age categories: below 35, 35-44, 45-54, 55+
  • Each rider does 5 laps on the course then passes on the relay
  • The order of the riders in the course is not set and can be part of a tactical game
  • Riders can be replaced by an older rider to fill the age categories
  • Teams with at least one male and one female rider
  • Relay by touching, starting rider can make speed in a certain zone where finishing rider touches him/her
  • Wearing of the national jersey is advised but not mandatory. As certain countries forbid to wear the national jersey, we also allow teams to wear another (club) jersey, as long as all 4 wear the same jersey.
  • Only riders who qualified officially in one of the qualifier events can take part in this race
  • Registration fee per team is 100 EUR (25 EUR per rider). Payment has to be done on spot.
  • A time trial bike is not allowed in the team relay
The course is in the city center. Distance per lap is 1.2km and each rider has to compete 5 laps before relaying. The relay will happen on Piazza Duomo in a specified zone where speed will be reduced by a chicane.

Registered teams:
  1. Australia 1
  2. Australia 2
  3. Italy 1
  4. Australia 3
  5. Slovenia 1
  6. Australia 4
  7. United States
  8. Australia 5
  9. Norway
  10. Slovenia 2
  11. Italy 2
  12. Denmark
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