Side program
Press conference - 11.30 at the new Museum of Science MUSE
Opening ceremony Piazza Duomo at 19.30
Talk show with Beppe Conti with champions of World Cycling : Piazza Duomo 20.30
Pedaling with Gilberto Simoni : Uncompetitive race of 6km open to everyone in company of Gilberto Simoni (winner of the Giro d’Italia). The profit will be entirely given to the provincial cystic fibrosis of the pediatrics centre of Rovereto hospital.

Start and arrival in Piazza Dante cycling the cycle path. Registration at the start to the stand of the Trentina cystic fibrosis association at 1:00pm.

Information and pre-enrolment to the information office of APT, Via Manci, 2 – Trento E-mail to or SMS +39 340.5228888
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