I'm having trouble registering.
  • What does VAT or NIN mean?
    You can just mark "0" here if you don't need an invoice.
  • My credit card isn't accepted?
    Please check with your bank if your credit card allows international payments.
  • I don't get a confirmation mail?
    Please try again as you probably made a mistake somewhere. You should receive a confirmation mail a few minutes after registering.
I'm having my birthday in between the qualifier event and the Final. In what age group do I need to start?
All riders have to start in the age group of the age they have on December 31st of 2013.

I have no license or a national masters license. Do I need to buy an international license to participate in the Final?
No, all participants without license, with a national license, with a license from another non UCI recognized Cycling Federation or from another sports organization can buy a one day license on spot for 15. They don't have to take action before.

I qualified for the Time Trial but not for the Road Race. Can I register for both?
No, in qualifier events with both a Time Trial and a Road Race, you have to qualify in both disciplines separately in order to get the ticket for that specific Final. In events with only a Road Race, all qualified riders can register for the Time Trial and the Road Race.

Are there also wildcards?
Yes, we do have 4 different types of wildcards
  • Defending World Champions are qualified automatically
  • All qualifier events get 5 wildcards that they can use for riders who would normally have qualified but didn't make it due to circumstances (crash, mechanical problems...)
  • All countries not hosting a qualifier event get 10 wildcards (5 males/5 females) for their best riders
  • All countries hosting a qualifier event can send their National Champions (road/time trial) without qualification.
I just missed qualification by a few places. When is the recall of the tickets made so I can eventually still participate, replacing the riders who announced no to attend?
All qualified riders who didn't register yet will get a reminder mail by mid July. Their spots become available 1st of August.

I have won UCI points in 2013 in track/mountainbike/cyclocross... Can I participate in the Final?
No, all riders who won UCI points in the year of the Final in whatever discipline cannot take part in the World Championships.

Can I have publicity on my national jersey?
No, if you decide to wear the national jersey, it has to be a jersey without publicity. We do encourage the wearing of the national jersey, but it's not mandatory. A national jersey is only obliged in the Team Relay.

When is the deadline for registering?
The registrations close on September 13 2013, it's not possible to register on spot.

I have ordered a jersey when registering but I'm not sure about the size. Can I still change on spot?
Yes you can still change the jerseys size when collecting your race pack.

Is there doping control at the Final? Yes, there is always control for both Time Trial and Road Races.

Are bikes checked before the start? All bikes have to comply with the UCI regulations on bike measurements. There will be a bike check before the start of the Time Trial for all riders. For more information on bike regulations, please check this link.

I have registered but cannot participate anymore. Is a refund of my registration fee possible?
A refund is only possible when there is a medical reason. The rider needs to submit a medical certificate to the organizers.

I have a specific request about lodging?
Please contact turismo@apt.trento.it
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