Qualified Riders Blue Mountains

Qualified Riders Blue Mountains Time Trial
Gender Age Name Nationality
Female 19-34 MARCHANT, Kristen Canada
FORCE, Katherine Canada
35-39 ELLIOTT, Andrea Canada
HURDING, Suzanne Canada
TOOLE, Julie Canada
40-44 YOUNG, Miriam Canada
COCHRANE, Lorie Canada
JEWETT, Franny Canada
45-49 ALLAN, Paolina Canada
DIGES, Carmen Canada
SCHMELER, Nancy Canada
50-54 HEINEMEYER, Dawn Canada
PATERSON, Karen Canada
CHRISTENSEN, Shelly Canada
55-59 COUND, Pauline Canada
LOCKYER, Paula Canada
60-64 KOFMAN, Lori Canada
TYKOLIZ, Anna Canada
65+ PROCTOR, Ainslie Canada
Male 19-34 ROWLEY, Christopher Canada
MERRITT, Gaelen Canada
ZHANG, Eric Canada
35-39 MALONEY, Jon Canada
40-44 SCHINDLER, Chris Canada
TYERS, Bryan Canada
BREEN, Scott Canada
45-49 GAZSI, David Canada
JEAN, Michel Canada
HIGGINS, Kevin Canada
50-54 SCOTT, Ian Canada
HENRY, Peter Canada
KATS, Vadim Canada
55-59 HEYCKE, Jens USA
SMITH, Barry Canada
RICHARDS, Keith Canada
60-64 GOULET, Alain Canada
KOFMAN, Peter Canada
SEE, John Canada
65+ ESPOSTI, John Canada
CLUETT, Gary Canada
Qualified Riders Blue Mountains Granfondo
Gender Age Name Nationality
Female 19-34 OSSOLA, Irena USA
HEWITT, Laura Canada
BREMER, Emily Canada
35-39 ELLIOTT, Sarah Canada
EMANS, Jane Canada
ELLIOTT, Andrea Canada
40-44 BOVILL, Esta Canada
JEWETT, Franny Canada
GOSSELIN, Chantal Canada
45-49 MARTINEK, Stephanie Canada
ALLAN, Paolina Canada
LIPSKI, Agnes Canada
50-54 PALMER-KOMAR, Susan Canada
SLAWTA, Jennifer USA
55-59 COUND, Pauline Canada
KAY, Carol Canada
60-64 KOFMAN, Lori Canada
TYKOLIZ, Anna Canada
Male 19-34 MERRITT, Gaelen Canada
RUDDERHAM, Ryan Canada
BIRD, Adam Canada
POTTER, Mac Canada
SIMMS, Noah Canada
35-39 MALONEY, Jonathan Canada
CARROLL, Derek Canada
DICKIE, Scott Canada
BANNAN, Matt Canada
40-44 HUNT, Shannon Canada
HUNT, Stephen Canada
MOORE, Gregory Canada
TYERS, Bryan Canada
RODRIGUEZ, Carlos Canada
45-49 JEAN, Michel Canada
GAZSI, David Canada
MCKEE, Steve Canada
KINGS, Patrick Canada
PARSONS, Arthur Canada
POP, Dorel Canada
50-54 THOMPSON, David Canada
MORETTI, Cary Canada
SCOTT, Ian Canada
SIMMS, Kevin Canada
AKOT, Lawrence Canada
CLARK, William USA
CONNOR, Greg Canada
KATS, Vadim Canada
55-59 LAMARCHE, Andre Canada
CARAVAGGIO, Carmine Canada
SANCHEZ, Miguel Canada
BERGER, Mark Canada
SMITH, Barry Canada
60-64 GORDON, Hamish Canada
KOFMAN, Peter Canada
GOULET, Alain Canada
STAPLES, David Canada
65+ LAIRD, James Canada
PANIAK, Karol Canada
ESPOSTI, John Canada
All riders must meet the requirements of the UCI to be admitted to the finals (see regulations)


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