With a time-trial on the race track in Poznan, the 2017 qualifying season has started. All riders had to do 4 laps of 4km for a total of 16km

German Holger Faupel scored the fastest overall time with 20.11, respectively 16 and 24 seconds faster than Piotre Klin and Grzegorz Golonko who completed the overall podium. The average speed of the winner was 47.5km/h.

Anna Wiese rode the fastest female overall time, beating her compatriot Marta Gogolewska and Danish Jannie Holm. Anna's time of 24.07 was good for an average speed of 39.8km/h

In the road race on Sunday, Danish Morten Andersen was faster than Lithuanian Eduard Alickun and local rider Piotr Czopek for the scratch male result in the completely flat and fast 120km race. Dutch Margriet Engelsma beated Polish Marta Dolewska who already finished second in the time trial in the women age groups. Third spot was for Malgorzata Zellner from the host city.

A total of 6500 riders took part in one of the different events over the weekend.