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Practical info

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*A few of the most common questions asked by our fearless Color Runners...

Do I need to be some sweet ole' runner to do this?

What is included with my The Color RunTM registration?

Can I run with a jogging stroller and my kids?

Can I participate with a wheelchair?

Can I run with my dog?

Is there an age limit for younger runners?

How strict is the "white clothing dress code" for the start of the event?

How is the color administered? Will I be hurt, maimed, or killed?

Will the color ruin clothes or running shoes?

Do the kilometer "Color Zones" affect runner vision? Or breathing?

Do you have showers?

How does the color affect the inside of cars?

Are cameras and phones safe to have in the color zones?

Is The Color RunTM timed?

How do the post-race color throws work?

Are there refunds?

More info will follow soon.

More information will be available soon

Information will follow soon!

Sunday September 1 it will be possible to purchase cool gadgets at The Color Run™ Merchandise Store! A limited offer on cool sunglasses, hats, fluo socks, tutu’s, tops, bracelets and other fabulous gadgets will be available for purchase!

The Merchandise Store will be open on Sunday 31 augustus between 14.00 and 19.30 hrs. 

The Color RunTM, also known as the "Happiest 5K on the Planet", is a 5k run where thousands of runners - all starting in a white T-shirt - get covered in a cloud of color powder which colors them from head to toe. Once the runner finishes the fun continues at the "Color Festival", where more color powder is thrown in the air, making every runner look like a walking rainbow.