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Start: Cinquantenaire
Finish: Grand Place

9.00 - Marathon
9.30 - Mini-Marathon (3 km)
9.50 - ING Kids Run (1 km) start "Wetstraat" at the Parliament
10.30 - Half Marathon (21 km)

Brussels and the marathon is an understanding. For the duration of ten years the Brussels Marathon was an extension of the traditional 20 km of Brussels. Thousands of joggers and long-distance runners challenged the longest race and explored the most beautiful site of the city and surroundings.

Twenty years later the ING Brussels Marathon presents a wonderful course.

For ten years the marathon of Brussels was the most important 42km of Belgium. Unfortunately the organization stopped. In 2004, thanks to ING, they started again with organizing the Marathon. The course with starting-point at the 'Heizel' going to Vilvoorde and back via the canal of Willebroek back to the centre of Brussels attracted many participants.

Very fast times in Brussels will not be possible due to the many hills. That is the reason that the course-director has chosen to show the runners the most beautiful spots of the city. The start of the marathon will take place in the 'Jubelpark'. After the start the marathon continues via the 'Wetstraat, the Koningsplein, the Regentschapsstraat, the Palace of Justice to the Louizalaan'. Then back to the 'Jubelpark' and finish on the historic 'Grote Markt'.

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