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'Brussels, yours to discover'

"Brussels, yours to discover"

Brussels is a region that is home to the capital of Europe and the Kingdom of Belgium. It is famous for the Grand-Place, the Manneken-Pis and the Atomium. If, seated at a table outside a café over a sociable kriek or gueuze - beers unique to the valley of the Senne - you ask the people of Brussels what they think, they will tell you that there is much more to it than that. Brussels today has become a European village. Cosmopolitan and passionate about good food, it reflects the art of enjoying life.

"Yours to discover" varies with the passing of the seasons : springtime is populated with comic strip heroes; summertime comes in the form of music and sun tops; autumn is devoted to the beauties of Art Nouveau and "winter fun" includes an entertaining gourmet trail offering a wealth of European traditions. Brussels is the centre of Europe and reasonable prices make it affordable for everyone. No other destination can compare in terms of value for money and the art of living … and, what is more, in Brussels, they often speak more than six different languages !

Some cultural ideas for the summer (extended version cultural agenda -> :

Made in Belgium (until 15/10/2005)
Dexia Center for the Arts - rue de l' Ecuyer 48/52 - 1000 Bruxelles

Art Nouveau & Design (untill 31/12/2005)
Musée du Cinquantenaire - Cinquantenaire 10 - 1000 Bruxelles

Erected at the end of the nineteenth century at the bidding of King Leopold II, the Cinquantenaire Museum is the most important of the Royal Museums of Art and History. Entering the stately building, one begins a journey through time and space, a journey through the history and civilizations of mankind. The collections on display here bear witness to virtually all the artistic disciplines (except painting) of the five continents, excluding Sub-Saharan Africa. They are divided into four large ensembles: Antiquity, National Archaeology, the Non-European civilizations and European Arts and Crafts. In total, there are something like 350 000 objects spread over 80 000 m² of exhibition galleries and in the reserves. But that's by no means all, as major, temporary exhibitions are organized with the aim of giving the visitor the opportunity of discovering other facets of art and history.

The collection of the Royal Military Museum (RMM) consists of imposing suits of armour and masterly crafted swords, hundreds of uniforms from tens of countries as well as textile such as flags and pennants, exceptional medals and rare musical instruments, weapons and equipment of every kind, planes or armoured vehicles. Follow the evolution from battering ram to F-16... From the Middle Ages to the present... The Royal Military Museum offers an insight in the fundamental changes, which have taken place in armament and military technology over the years.

Cinquantenaire Park

From Ensor to Bosch (untill 11/09/2005)
BOZAR - rue Ravenstein 23 - 1000 Bruxelles

Belgium Rollers Summer Tour (26/08/2005)
Meeting point : Place Poelaert - 1000 Bruxelles

Music and Light (untill 25/09/2005 - every night at 22.30 h and 23 h except for cancellation)
Grand-Place - 1000 Bruxelles
T: 02/5183.89.40

Visit of the Royal Palace (26/07 -> 18/09/2005)
Place des Palais - 1000 Bruxelles

Not to be missed in 2005 !

175 years of Belgium

Living Art Nouveau

A City Card for Brussels !
Discover Brussels withe the Brussels Card : 3 days, 30 museums for only 30 € … and free rides on all public transport.

Brussels International - Tourism & Congress (BI-TC)
Hôtel de Ville Grand-Place 1000 Bruxelles
T : 02/513.89.40 - F: 02/513.83.20

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