Before the start of the final at the Proximus Diamond Games Marc Herremans received the Lifetime Achievement Award. During the pre-final event there also was an exhibition match wheelchair tennis between Brigitte Ameryckx and Annick Sevenans.

With their respective 13th and 14th place Brigitte Ameryckx and Annick Sevenans belong to the world's best in wheelchair tennis. The match (which ended in 1-1 after two games) was part of the project Siemens setup ("Siemens has a heart for wheelchair tennis") together with To Walk Again, the Marc Herremans foundation.

Besides this exhibition match Siemens also organised an auction for the benefit wheelchair tennis. During every evening session of the Proximus Diamond Games an item or outfit of one of the present top players was auctioned. The total amount was 7985 euro.

After the wheelchair tennis, Marc Herremans received a Lifetime Achievement Award. He already earned this trophy last year, but hadn't received it yet. On Sunday, right before the final he received the trophy from Rik Lamoral, the chairman of the Union of Belgian Sports Journalists.

During the ceremony there was some focus as well for 'To walk again', the movie director Stijn Coninx made about the former triathlete and which will run in cinemas from 25 April onwards.