This Individual Accident insurance is provided by the organiser's insurer to make sure that you are properly covered whilst taking part in the 2014 Paris-Roubaix Challenge. The insurance is optional but highly recommended.

As you may know, the vast majority of your usual insurance policies (particularly your car insurance, insurance provided automatically through your bank cards, household insurance, bank loan insurance, etc.) totally excludes any participation in sports events either on an amateur or professional basis, and therefore excludes the risks involved in your taking part in the Paris-Roubaix Challenge.
It is therefore important that you check the extent of the cover provided by your normal insurance policies (and the exclusions) and, if you are not sufficiently covered or not covered at all, you should consider taking out the proposed insurance policies by clicking on the link below.

This insurance will cover you if you have an accident whilst taking part in the event, whether or not you were responsible and whether or not there is an identified responsible third party. You are only covered during the event from the time you enter in the starting area until the time you cross the finishing line or you abandon the event.

The insurance will pay you a benefit if you die or you become permanently disabled as a result of the accident. It will also secure you the payment of medical fees (up to the limits chosen by you).

This cover Individual Accident is optional but highly recommended. It can be taken out in addition to any existing insurance you may yet have or if you are not already covered. You may purchase the cover insurance of your choice, from your federation or from Aon, organizer’s broker, whose proposal (detailed notice and application form) can be consulted and downloaded by clicking on the link below. You can choose the minimum cover whilst registering for the event and contact Aon separately for additional cover.

Click here for the IA form.