Check your personal photo
Congratulation, you are going to participate in the Paris Roubaix Challenge 2014.
In order to immortalize your feat, you are going to be photographed individually during your effort.

How are you going to be photographed?

The Maindru Photo team, made up of 4 professional photographers, will take photos of you in various places during the race.
  1. Tranchée d’Arenberg, cobbled sector 10
  2. Carrefour de l’arbre, cobbled sector 4
  3. Velodrome
When you arrive near the photographers, please make sure your handlebars plate shows properly.

Where will you find your photos?

You will be able to view your personal photos as soon as Monday, April 14th 2014 in the morning on, and order on line.
Thanks to its own professional laboratory, Maindru Photo will process your internet orders within 48 H, departure from Angers.

See you on April 12th and have a good race.

The Maindru Photo Team