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Kim Gevaert, the big star at the meeting of Liège
For the 5th edition of the "Meeting International d'Athlétisme de la Province de Liège" (Province of Liège's International Athletics Meeting) on Wednesday 19 July, the organisers have managed to compile a brilliant programme. In addition to the cream of Belgian athletics with Kim Gevaert at the top, there is a near dozen or so international stars to add more flavour to the meeting.

For Kim Gevaert Liège is all important. Our great competitor wants to clock a best time for the fast track of Naimette-Xhovémont. "For me the European Championships in Göteborg are a top priority. The meeting of Liège followed by the KBC-Night of Athletics, are ideal opportunities to test one's physical condition."

Amongst others, Kim will be up against the Jamaican Aileen Bailey, fourth in the 100 m in the Athens Games.

A top Belgian competitor is Michael Velter, who exceeded the 17 meter mark in the triple jump and leaves for the EC full of ambition. For him Liège is also a final practice run.

Amongst the men, the following Belgian top athletes are sure to make the start: Kristof Beyens, Jonathan Borlée, Kevin Borlée, Xavier Debaerdemaeker, Anthony Ferro and Cedric Van Branteghem, all in the 200 m, Nathan Bongelo (100 m), Jonathan Nsenga, Damien Broothaerts, Adrien Deghelt and Steven Van de Gender in the 110 m hurdles, Tim Clerbout, Thomas Matthijs, Tom Vanchaze and Matthieu Vandiest in the 800m; Jo Van Daele (discus) and Kevin Rans (pole-vault). In the 3,000 m we have Monder Rizki and Jesse Stroobants back.

Amongst the women, Kim only competes in the 100 m. Her Belgian opponents are Olivia Borlée, who also runs the 200 m, Frauke Penen, Elisabeth Davin (who has also entered for the 100 m hurdles), Elodie Ouedraogo and Kathleen De Caluwé. In the 100 m hurdles we also have Eline Berings and in the 200 m Wendy Den Haese. Very interesting, because the last chance for an EC qualification is the 5,000 m with Fatiha Baouf, Nathalie De Vos, Anja Smolders and Anke Van Campen.

International top athletes are, besides Bailey, Zulia Calatayud from Cuba, the world champion in the 800 m, Benita Johnson from Australia, the world champion cross (country) who appears in the 5,000 m, Angela Whyte from Canada and Glory Alozie in the 100 m hurdles. Top rankers amongst the men are the pole-vaulters Steven Hooker from Australia (with a year best of 5m91) and the American Tim Mack, the Cuban Betanzos in the triple jump and the Kenyan 800 m runner, Ismael Kombich.

Pre-sale tickets are available in 'la Maison des Sports', 12, rue Prémontrés in Liège. Tel.: 04/237.91.00, fax: 04/237.91.01. Mail:
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