On Saturday April 27th, join thousands of other riders and ride your very own Liège-Bastogne-Liège, 24 hours before the professional race! With three different distances on offer, you’re sure to find one that fits. Always dreamt of seeing how you measured up against the legendary climbs of the Ardennes?

Liège-Bastogne-Liège Challenge is the ideal moment to do so, as some of cycling’s most famous climbs will be timed!

Route Practical info


The ultimate challenge consists in riding the same course as the professionals but both intermediary routes will also leave you plenty of opportunities to get accustomed to the legendary climbs of Liège-Bastogne-Liège.

Follow in the footsteps of Philippe Gilbert, Alejandro Valverde, Bob Jungels and other top riders, and add Liège-Bastogne-Liège to your own list of achievements!

Course details will be released as soon as possible!

‘Chose between three distances:’

*These distances are based on last year’s edition and are subject to small changes




  • Insurance (No helmet = not insured)
  • Road marshals on the route and at the start and finish
  • Well-equipped refreshment stations* at every checkpoint with Isostar sports nutrition, water, fruit, …
  • Technical assistance
  • Frame plate with electronic chip for time registration and video recordings on the most famous climbs
  • Personalised back number
  • Frame sticker with registered climbs and refreshments stations
  • Perfect signage on the route
  • Medical assistance at every checkpoint and at the finish
  • Coffee before start
  • Massage at the finish
  • A well-deserved medal at the finish


*Refreshment stations are only accessible with a frame plate. Participants without a frame plate will not be admitted onto the route.

Signage to follow:

Roze pijl


  • All participants will be able to collect their starter packs on site. Please present yourself with your E-ticket (received by mail after having registered).
  • The registrations stand will be open on:
    • Friday 26/04 from 3pm – 7pm
    • Saturday 27/04 from 6.00am onwards (depending on start time)


  • START:
    • 266 km: 6.00am – 7.00am
    • 147 km: 6.00am – 8.30am
    • 70 km: 8.00am – 10.00am
      Location: Halles des Foires de Liège (Quai de Wallonie 6, 4000 Liège)
    • The finish line will close at 7.30 pm. Make sure you arrive before then to receive your medal and cross the finish line.


  • The car park close to the Halles des Foires is easily accessible from the E25/A25 highway in direction of Liège. Please take exit 6 (Jupille/Île Monsin) and follow LBL Challenge signage.
  • Cars that are not parked legally may be towed away by the authorities.


*Only for participants registered on the 266 km route

  • It will be possible to hand over a piece of clothing or small luggage that you no longer wish to carry at the refreshment station in Bastogne (after roughly 100 km) between 10am and 1pm.
  • Plastic bags will be provided in which your clothing can later be collected.
  • Your bags will be available for pick-up at the Halles des Foires (finish area) from 3pm onwards.


SPORTOGRAF.COM is the official photo service of Liège-Bastogne-Liège Challenge. These photographers have acquired a great reputation in recent years with their fully digital service and competitive pricing. As cyclists, they have a great understand and of the cyclist’s perspective. Click here to discover last year’s best of gallery!


Technical teams will provide technical support at different locations along the route. Should you suffer from a flat tire, broken chain, brake failure, they will be there to get you on your way again. Several mobile mechanics will also be on stand-by along the route to help out whenever possible. Should you need assistance at any time, please call the emergency number on the back of your frame plate! Help will then be on your way as quickly as possible!


A limited number of rental bikes will be made available by Prompt in Liège. Reservations in advance are required. Book your bike here.




Overnachting lblcyclo

Looking for a hotel, restaurant, side-activities or anything else in or around Liège? Head on over to Liège Tourism’s website for tons of practical information!


ONLINE REGISTRATIONS Until Friday April 26th)*

Below are the different online registration rates for the Liège-Bastogne-Liège Challenge.

  First (limited quantity) Early Bird (until 13/12) Regular (from 14/12 until 12/04) Last Minute (from 13/04 onwards)
70 km 20 € 25 € 30 € 35 €
147 km 35 € 45 € 50 € 55 €
266 km 45 € 55 € 60 € 65 €

Click here to see what is included with your registration

Sign up early to enjoy discounted rates!
*A 5€ deposit will be added to your registration fee for the frame plate. The frame plate can be handed back after the challenge in return for a generic T-Shirt or 5€, Isostar products or 5€.

By registering, you automatically agree with the .


Below are the different onsite registration rates for the Liège-Bastogne-Liège Challenge 2019.

  On-Site Registrations (26/04 - 27/04)
70 km 35 €
147 km 55 €
266 km 65 €

Onsite registrations will be possible on:
Friday April 26th:

  • 3pm – 7pm

Saturday April 27th:

  • 266 km: 6.00am – 7.00am
  • 147 km: 6.00am – 8.30am
  • 70 km: 8.00am – 10.00am

*A 5€ deposit will be added to your registration fee for the frame plate. The frame plate can be handed back after the challenge in return for a generic T-Shirt or 5€, Isostar products or 5€.

By registering, you automatically agree with the .


As an officially recognised Tour Operator, you have the opportunity to register riders in a group (a minimum of 10 riders per group). To create a group, please send an email to info@golazo.com with your information.



  • The organising party advises avoiding intensive physical activities without being properly prepared. Ensure that you make wise decisions regarding the distance you wish to cover and/or the tempo you want to maintain. If you want to take part in competitive sports and at a high intensity, it is advised to undergo an annual medical examination.
  • Participants are not obliged to present medical certificates. It is up to the participant to decide how he/she wants to interpret the information received during a medical examination. Thus, the organising party cannot be held responsible for any matters regarding this.
  • More information about health and sports can be found .


  • For a group registration, you must have at least 10 people (across various distances); if you are with fewer persons, your group will be cancelled and you will lose the reservation.
  • Group registrations may only be done using the official online registration module. Excel lists etc. are no longer accepted.
  • On the registration form, you must first create a group. You will then receive an e-mail with your group name and group code. (You can manage the group at all times with the help of this code and your chosen password (do not forget this!)). Subsequently, you can add or remove participants. Only the group leader may validate participants. You can add as many participants to your group as you wish.
  • Registrations can be collected as a single package (all together) or individually. Please clearly indicate this on the registration form. If you choose to collect all race numbers together, this can only be done by the group leader. For individual collections, all participants will receive a separate confirmation e-mail with all information required to successfully collect their race number.
  • Once the group is complete, the group leader must pay for the entire group. Registrations are confirmed only when the group has been submitted and paid for. At this time, NO CHANGES may be made to your group. Subsequently, changes to your group can only be made on-the-spot at the registration stand. For this, an administration fee of 5 eur will be charged per change made.

Exercise is fun, healthy and safe for most people. However, some people have an increased risk of problems during physical activity, which may require extra medical follow-up. If you meet one or several of the conditions below, it is recommended you contact your doctor or undergo a sports-medical examination before taking up more intensive forms of exercise:

  • You are taking medication to treat high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease.
  • At some point you suffered from coughing, shortness of breath or other breathing disorders during or after efforts or you have asthma.
  • You smoked in the past 5-10 years or you have not stopped smoking for longer than 6 months after a period of 5-10 years.
  • You have high blood pressure and/or increased cholesterol value
  • You fainted or became dizzy during or after an effort
  • You have ever had palpitations, arrhythmias or pain in the chest during or after doing exercise or you have ever been told that you have a heart murmur
  • A member of your family, younger than 55, suddenly died because of health problems (cardiovascular disease, cot death)
  • You have problems of the liver, kidneys or thyroid gland, diabetes
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On Friday and Saturday you can visit our exposition in the Halles des Foires. We will make sure that every cyclist will enjoy their time at the location. Discover the Continental Hub, get the newest outfit of the LBL Challenge, rest in the Skoda Chill Zone, buy a drink at the bar or enjoy a massage. Everything is possible.

Opening Hours

  • Friday: 15.00 - 19.00
  • Saturday: 06.00 - 20.00


Don’t miss out on our new offering of official Liège-Bastogne-Liège Challenge merchandising!!

All orders will be available for pick-up on Friday and Saturday, so you can collect them either before or after your ride. It will also be possible to buy merchandising onsite.

View the size table here

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The roads on which the Liège-Bastogne-Liège Challenge takes place are open to regular traffic. We therefore ask that all participants respect the traffic regulations. In the event of a breach of regulation, the participant will be solely responsible for any accidents that he/she causes or of which he/she is a victim, either directly or indirectly.

The organisation will provide safety services throughout the route, composed of marshals who will provide assistance at crossing junctions deemed to be major intersections. The organisation, together with local police forces, will enforce that traffic regulations are respected by all participants. Offenders will be punished.

We are counting on the sportsmanship and respect of all participants to make April 27th another day to celebrate!


We are very much interested in how you have experienced our event. Please send us your remarks, reactions or ideas. We would love to hear from you.


ASO & Golazo sports, together with the Province Liège, the FCWB and the RC Pésant Club Liégois
Schoebroekstraat 8
3583 Paal
T: 0032 11 45 99 00
E: info@golazo.com

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