TC Boneput becomes Kim Clijsters Sports & Health Club
From 2012 onwards the tennis center Boneput in Bree will become Kim Clijsters Sports & Health Club. After a phase of renovation, the new club will build on the existing recipe, supplemented by additional training and training support facilities, as well as by the Kim Clijsters Academy.
The Kim Clijsters Sports & Health Club.
The existing tennis center will be thoroughly renovated first. There will be two new outdoor courts, additional lighting on the three outdoor courts and a full reconstruction of the courts inside: 3 in usopen hardcoat, 5 in granules. The dressing rooms, the cafeteria and terrace will be redone too.

In the first place, the Kim Clijsters Sports & Health Club will be a common, friendly family club, for both young and old. A tennis center where every recreational tennis player feels at home and where lessons are given at each level.

For the more competitive (young) tennis player the Kim Clijsters Academy will help develop best Limburg, Belgian or international young talents further.


The renovated infrastructure offers more than just tennis and also focuses on general training: gym, fitness training and Energy Lab tennis. The newest branch of Energy Lab offers the usual mix of performance testing, motion analysis, nutrition and mental coaching.

Unique for Belgium is the analysis of movements and matches by hawkeye. This system analyses the trajectory of the ball, its speed etc. but can also be used along with high speed cameras for the analysis of a person's stroke.

Kim Clijsters: "To me, above all the new club has to be congenial."
"With Energy Lab Tennis we include leading advice center, where both the recreational and the top tennis player can get a complete review in one day. Physical shape, motion analysis, nutrition and psychological advice," Bob Verbeeck said.

""To me, above all the new club has to be a congenial one. It has to be a place where everyone who love tennis feels at home, whatever the level, and where children have ample opportunity to exercise in a fun way," Kim on added.
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