Brian and his music
A lot of people have been asking about my music because I have made it know that music is a big hobby/passion of mine. So I decide to put a song on my wife's website to allow people to hear something from me. Music is very personal to me. I am not a professional, I write songs that come from the heart and most of my lyrics will always be a reflection upon something in my life. The song I put on here is a special song for a lot of reasons. For one i feel its my most unique musically that I have come up with on the guitar. Also I made the song with a few teammate/friends (Kevin Reed and Tim Black) of mine which made it a blast. And most importantly its a song that I think relates to a lot of people and has a strong message to push on.

The song is called Beneath the Surface and it pertains to people's outlook on other people in the spot light. It seems that most people think that just because you are a professional athlete or because you are in the public eye that everything is perfect but that certainly is not the case. Everybody, and I mean everybody has their everyday struggles that they face, their own cross to bear. In this particular song, it really hits home for me because it was written by a friend of mine, Kevin Reed that I played with in Bree who talks about the struggles he faces playing pro basketball in another country, yet everyone that he knows back at home thinks he is living this perfect life and everything comes easy. Thats not what real life is. He talks about proving people wrong who thought you wouldn't be able to make it. He talks about your everyday struggles but having the will to get through them. His positive words are to let you know that you can achieve greatness, but the road to it is not so easy. He breaks it down nice lyrically and I hope that it can touch and inspire you like it did for me.

Music written by Brian Lynch
Lyrics written by Kevin Reed

Vocals: Kevin Reed & Brian Lynch
Guitar: Brian Lynch
Drums: Tim Black
Base and Organ: Cindy Gebruers
Recorded and Mixed by Erwin Dirckx


Beneath the surface

verse 1

Right from the start, i'll let you know that my life is stressful
so everything that i write with my pencil is right from my heart
spit right to the beat, my life's what i speak

Long days and cold nights follow (follow)
they said the sun would come out tomorrow
but it didn't, another cloudy day
work with no pay, I'm gonna start play lotto (real talk man)

And I don't need 2 million (nah)
I just wanna provide for 2 children
gotta house back home in the states that I want
but I couldn't get the loan from the bank (from the bank)

So what's a man to do?
Seems like i'm caught up in the catch 22 (22)
22 time flies so fast seems like yesterday i was just 22 (22)

Now my son's getting older
feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders (uh)
how can I be a soldier?
alergic to snakes surrounded by cobras (its hard)


All that glitters ain't gold, all that shines isn't diamonds
n diamonds diamonds
All that glitters ain't gold, all that shines isn't diamonds
n diamonds

It's not as easy as it seems
but never let go of your dreams

verse 2

Verse 2 now what should I do?
do you have any clue what your boy has been through? (you don't know)
step behind the scenes, and try to walk a mile in my size 15's (it ain`t easy man)

it not easy to do this,
but God is my guide and He's leading me through this (and its not easy)
dudes i was cool with
thought they were friends in the end they were Judas (Judas)

but you live and you learn,
you don't always get what you give in return like (you live and you learn)
I gave you all real and you all gave fake back
I gave you all love and you all gave hate back

but i'm over it, the phoniness is so highschool i'm to grown for this
there's moves to be made
bills to be paid
family to feed
children to raise

everything that glitters ain't gold man (it's not as easy as it seems, but never let go of your dreams)
everything that shines ain't diamonds kid
its an uphill roll man
but regardless i'm gonna keep climbing it


All that glitters ain't gold, all that shines isn't diamonds
n diamonds diamonds diamonds
all that glitters ain't gold, all that shines isn't diamonds

It's not as easy as it seems
but never let go of your dreams
no no
don't ever let go

take it home k reed

Verse 3 Outtro

I just wanna make this clear
this for all those who said I wouldn't make it here
I persevered, I kept my head up
I never give up, fall down you get up

I came to far to turn
I can write a book about the things that I learned
never let the things you facin,
interfere with the dreams you chasin

a wise man told me to just be patient
good things come if you just keep waitin
but the clock is racin and i feel like
my backs against the wall, but i still fight
have you any idea what my fear's like
sort of like a nightmare, but it's real life!

and all that shines ain't diamonds