Congratulations, you will be part of the first edition of the Great Breweries Marathon! Together we will ensure it will be a fantastic day. In order for everything to run smoothly, please read the 11 tips and tricks below!

1. All start times will now be 15 minutes later.
For organisational reasons we have decided to change all start times to 15 minutes later than originally planned. The official programme will be as follows:
- Start Great Breweries Marathon for runners: 9.15 hrs
- Great Breweries Marathon Walk (42 km): 9.25 hrs
- Start Great Breweries 25K for runners: 11.15 hrs
- Great Breweries 25K Walk: 11.35 hrs

2. Arrive on time!
Starting relaxed is the beginning of a good race. Be relaxed in the run-up to the event and allow as much time as possible to reach the start (Duvel Moortgat) to pick up your race number and get changed. We recommend everyone to be on site one hour before his or her start.

3. How to get there
It will not be possible to park at the brewery Duvel Moortgat on Sunday 5 June. The organisation will provide sufficient car parks in the vicinity where busses will pick up runners for free and bring them to the start. Check out the info on how to get there here and follow the instructions.

4. Consume alcohol responsibly
Along the way, walkers are allowed to taste the delicious beers of the participating Great Breweries. Runners will be focusing more on the exercise-side of the race and will be treated at the finish with a tasty degustation. Enjoying beer is smarter than taking it one step too far. " Beer brewed carefully, to be consumed with care".

5. Exercising healthily
Exercising is fun and healthy. Do be careful and smart, listen to your body and hydrate sufficiently, even before the race! Water and sports drinks will be available along the way (every 2,5km) as well as at the finish. Participants are of course allowed to bring their own drinks during the race.

6. Pick-up T-shirt
The T-shirt is to be picked up by showing the stamp on the envelope of your participant's package. After picking up the envelope you can immediately pick up your T-shirt at the T-shirt stand.

7. Race number
Print out your confirmation email that you received last Friday and bring it along to pick- up your race number. Without a race number you will not be allowed in the starting area. Attach your race number immediately upon receiving it! The race number has four different tear-off parts. Three tickets are to be used to taste the delicious beers of the participating Great Breweries. The bar will be located on site, behind the finish (these tickets can also be exchanged for a bottle of water). The fourth ticket can be used to pick up your gift basket. Don't lose these tickets!

8. Volunteers
Without the numerous volunteers this event could not take place. Show the volunteers how happy you are that they are helping out by giving them a high five or saying thank you when you fly by (for example).

9. Respect the rules at all times
The time limits for runners are 6 hours (marathon) and 4 hours (25 km). The police will decide when the roads will be opened up to traffic based on this pace. Do you run at a slower pace? No problem but then you have to adhere to the road code of conduct, just like the walkers. In addition, we ask the walkers to remain on the far right when runners are running past.

10. Pacemakers by Sportoase
For the runners there will be pacemakers for the Marathon and 25K. You can recognize them by their colored flag displaying their goal time. At the registration tent you can visit the Sportoase stand, for a wristband displaying your goal (and intermediate) time(s) for the marathon and 25K. Per km you can then monitor how you are keeping up.

11. Have Fun
First and foremost, don't forget to have fun and to enjoy the beautiful and unique surroundings of the fantastic breweries. Have a wonderful day and enjoy every minute of it!

Good luck with your final preparations and see you on Sunday!