GF Eddy Merckx : 18 short but steep hills to make the difference
Eddy Merckx himself will be at the start of tomorrows Granfondo named after him. The 152km course changed venue this year to Andenne where riders get a challenging and tough course with no less than 18 climbs.
The start in the city center of Andenne will be given at 10.00am. The first kilometers go uphill with the Côte de Peau d'eau, so riders need to be warmed up very well to stay in front. Also the next kilometers stay challenging with 3 climbs in the first 15km. The rest of the course is a combination of short steep up- and downhills and flat parts in the valley.

The major difficulty of the days is the Triple Mur de Monty after 45km, going in three steps up to the village of Lustin where the first feed zone of the day is located.

The last climb of the day, côte de Coutisse is at 9km from the finish, followed by a long descent towards Andenne.