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Gent-Wevelgem is undoubtedly a classic for true Flandriens, challenging riders not just with its course - especially after the addition of the unpaved Plugstreets - but also because of the weather. Here only true champions triumph, including last year's winner Greg Van Avermaet. Van Avermaet impressed on the Kemmelberg and won a mighty sprint against fellow Belgian Jens Keukeleire. The day before the pro race it's your turn to experience what it feels like to ride on the Plugstreets, fight against the wind and the hills in and around Heuvelland and immerse yourself in a beautiful region steeped in (cycling) history.


SPORTOGRAF.COM is the official photo service of Gent-Wevelgem Cyclo. These photographers have acquired a good reputation in recent years with their fully digital service and competitive prizes.

In view of the fact that they themselves are active cyclists, they have an outstanding feeling from the perspective of the participant.

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Choose between four distances: 60 km, 91 km, 136 km and 215 km.

The 60 km ride (352 altitude metres, 1 supply post), is an impressive journey through history. You will ride past many military cemeteries and memorials with the Menin Gate in Ypres as the absolute highlight.

If you are up for a bigger challenge, go for the 91 km (666 altitude metres, 2 supply posts). In addition to the attractions of the Ypres region, you will also head to the notorious Kemmelberg.

Participants on the 136 km course (1296 altitude metres, 3 supply posts) and the full 215 km distance (1697 altitude metres, 4 supply posts) will face another seven climbs including the Mont des Cats and the Zwarteberg. The Plugstreets, a new introduction to last year's pro race, will also be a part of the 91, 136 and 215 km courses.

GPX downloads will be available 2 days in advance through Route You.

Discover the course here!

No matter which distance you choose, you will finish in style on the banks of the river Leie.
Discover some of the highlights of the course below.



Parcours Passage de moeren

1 Passage de moeren

A windy passage through the coastal area of De Moeren is a regular fixture of Ghent-Wevelgem. Almost every year the wind is inviting riders to race in echelons. Who will catch the right echelon and who will get dropped?

Parcours Mont des Cats

2Mont des Cats

The Mont des Cats in French-Flanders, in the town of Godewaarsvelde, is a 500-metre climb with an average gradient of 9% and a maximum gradient of 14%. Make sure to enjoy its beautiful surroundings, including the abbey.

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Parcours Ravensberg


The Zwarteberg is located on the border with Westouter in Belgium and Sint-Janskappel and the district of Boeschepe in France. The climb takes approximately 2500 metres and has an average gradient of 4.8% to 9% maximum.

Parcours Kemmelberg


The Kemmelberg remains the standout feature of Ghent-Wevelgem, a true nightmare for the riders. With a maximum gradient of 23% and strewn with cobbles this is the toughest climb of the lot.

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Parcours Plugstreets


A passage over the "Plugstreets" was a new addition during last year's event as a tribute to the Christmas truce in 1914. Three passages of semi-paved roads with a total distance of 5.2 kilometres added some extra spice to the race. The first two sectors have a slight incline in wide open meadows where the wind has free rein.

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Don't forget: a good preparation is half the battle! GOOD LUCK!

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