Boonen: 'Risks are part of being a sprinter'
Cor Vos
Tom Boonen almost fell during the sprint, but he is not blaming anyone.
"It was yet again a difficult final stage in which the sprinters had to take risks. But as a sprinter, you know that's part of the job. In the final stage you just had to stay on your bike. I did that. I didn't want to damage my bike or injure myself. Was the sprint too dangerous? Well, it's the riders who make it dangerous. If you don't want the danger, don't participate in the sprint. It's not any more dangerous now than when I just became a professional rider", Boonen says, lauging.

"Tomorrow is a time trial. I still stay I want to place in the top 15. Tomorrow is damage control and we'll see what we can do on Sunday. My bike is in perfect state, and so am I. My ribs no longer hurt. At the start of the season, the Eneco Tour was one of my goals. It is looking good right now. The white jersey is an extra motivation to do all I can and to try to win. My chances for the final win? I honestly don't think they are that great."