Keukeleire: 'I was lucky today'
Cor Vos
Today was hectic for Jens Keukeleire. The Eneco Tour's current leader enjoyed it, but he is realistic enough to realise that everything can change in an instant.
"I'm happy with how things went today. Of course, I got more attention than I usually do. At the start of the race, they called out my name more often than usual. People also recognised me because of the jersey. It's nice, riding in white for a day, and the appreciation of the people. I do realise, though, that today could have had a completely different result. We were lucky that none of the front runners was a real threat to my position. Even just a tiny change in the final results or the results of a sprint could have cost me my jersey," Keukeleire says.

His team Orica - Greenedge led the peloton all day, but Keukeleire says that was not to protect his position. "Today, Aidis Kruopis was our designated rider. He said that he felt he had good legs, but he couldn't finish the team'swork. If I felt stressy during this stage? No, not at all. I wouldn't mind keeping this jersey for the following days, but it's not our number one priority. That will be very difficult during Saturday's time trial anyway."