Ronde van Vlaanderen

Saturday 01/04/2006
More than 15 000 participants in 2005!
The Tour of Flanders for cyclists and mountainbikers is the second trial on the Golden Bike calendar, an initiative of the “Union Cycliste Internationale” (UCI) (International Cyclist Union) to promote bike races worldwide.

The Tour of Flanders is without a doubt one of the biggest sporting events in Belgium. On the day before, all biking lovers will have the chance to get a sneak preview of the atmosphere at this biking event. The ultimate challenge is to cover the 260 kilometers that the professionals will have completed one day later. But you can also get to know the 140- and 75-kilometer loops together with some pretty tough hills.

With a few big hills from the real “Tour”, the Tour de Flanders is a real experience for fervent mountain bikers ! The 25-, 50- or 75-kilometer loops are mapped out by the specialists of the East Flanders biking department and are totally in line with the expectations of real mountain bikers.