Here you can find the team results on Saturday evening (at the latest at 9pm). The individual results will be available at the latest on Monday, after an extensive check.


Individual results & team results

In the following table you can find the exact distance each runner has to run. The column to the right indicates the distance on which your personal time is based. 

Distances from timing mat to timing mat

  • Runner 1 - 4,650 km
  • Runner 2 - 10,026 km
  • Runner 3 - 4,850 km
  • Runner 4 - 10,025 km
  • Runner 5 - 4,850 km
  • Runner 6 - 6,395 km

The mats for the electronic registration of your time are situated only at the entrance and exit of the stadium. The individual times will be measured starting from the exit until the entrance of the stadium. The time lost during the different relays in the stadium will be added and counted towards the total team time
for the runners running 2 laps (10km), their time will continue during their first passage through the stadium. 

The individual time of the first runner starts at the start and stops by entering the stadium. The individual times of the runners who run 2 laps (10 km) will keep running after the first passage at the stadium ofcourse. The individual time of the last runner starts by leaving the stadium and stops at the finish in the stadium.