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Handing over the tasuki to your team-mate has to be done within the designated relay zones of your team.

IMPORTANT: this year your team will always change runners on the same spot. This location will be marked inside the stadium based on your race number. Make sure to inform your team members in advance! This will make it easier for supporters to follow your team's performance.

Click here to see the timing zones and de relay zones.

In order to easily find your next runner, relay zones are used by a maximum of 20 teams each. All relays will take place in the zone allocated to your team.

  • zone 1: team 100 - 120
  • zone 2: team 121 - 140
  • zone 3: team 141 - 160
  • zone 4: team 161 - 180
  • zone 5: team 181 - 200
  • zone 6: team 201 - 220
  • etc.

Runners who complete two laps will pass through the stadium in lanes 1, 2 and 3. The relay zones are in lanes 4, 5 and 6.
Only runners next in line are allowed inside the relay zone, when their team-mate is entering the stadium, during the following time slots:

  • Runner 2: between 13:13 and 13:51
  • Runner 3: between 13:40 and 15:07
  • Runner 4: between 13:55 and 15:47
  • Runner 5: between 14:23 and 17:05
  • Runner 6: between 14:37 and 17:43
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The organising party advises avoiding intense physical activities without being properly prepared. Ensure that you make wise decisions regarding the distance you wish to cover and/or the tempo you want to maintain. If you want to take part in competitive sport and at a high intensity, it is advised to undergo an annual medical examination.

It is not obliged to present medical certificates. It is up to the sportsman/woman to decide how he/she wants to interpret the information received during a medical examination. Thus, the organising party cannot be held responsible for any matters regarding this.

More information about health & sports can be found here.

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Can we customise the t-shirt that comes with our registration with a team or company logo?

We are running for charity. How can we gain some extra publicity?

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