The Acerta Brussels Ekiden is about teamwork, perseverance, encouragement, helping each other. if you made this sporting effort for the benefit of vulnerable kids, wouldn't that make it all the more commendable?

In the past years, the focus was on supporting SOS Kinderdorp in Kinshasa. Here, 150 orphans have found a new home in 15 family homes, under the welcoming wings of 15 SOS mothers. A short report on the kid's village can be found here.

Next to this, there's a kindergarten and primary school for 269 children, where the children from the kid's village are in school, but also the kids from the neighboring communities. The support of the numerous businesses during the last editions of the Ekiden has allowed 168 kids to get an education. Fantastic!

This year again we will run for the benefit of the education of these children in Kinshasa.
The cost of sending a child to school for a year is 227€.
In practice you can support this cause by transferring an extra amount when you register, or by starting a specific action in your company. SOS Kinderdorpen would like to help you in the conception if this action.
(*gifts are tax-deductible from 40€ on)

Contact Tom Moons via or 0497 58 37 29 for more information.

We hope to welcome you and your company (again) this year!

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