Marc Herremans Classic

Location & route
Centre of Antwerp
  • Swimming (1.9 km): Galgenweel (Left Bank) - in association with Vezega (Galgenweel Sailing Clubs Association) and the Flemish Community..

  • Cycling (90 km): in the harbour area and the north of the city (at Gedempte Zuiderdokken transition area)

  • Running (21 km): Antwerp city centre, Grote Markt local round and finish at Grote Markt

  • Spectators are guaranteed to be present along the route and at the finish.

  • The competition will be broadcast live on VRT
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  • Swimming
    1,9 km swimming in the Galgenweel - 1 round

  • Cycling - 90 km
    Start at the level of the transition zone exit - left into Beatrijslaan - straight along Thonetlaan - left into Charles De Costerlaan (opposite direction ) - cross Gloriantlaan into Charles De Costerlaan- right into Waaslandtunnel - exit Waaslandtunnel straight along Leien - left into Italielei - straight along towards Noorderlaan - over canal bridge - left into Groenendaallaan ( opposite direction ) - right into Vosseschijnstraat -- follow Vosseschijnstraat - right into Oosterweelsteenweg - left into Noorderlaan - follow Noorderlaan until Lillobrug - right into Antwerpsebaan ( towards Berendrecht/Zandvliet )- right into Oudbroeksestraat - right into Abtsdreef - left into Oudbroek, follow - left into Konijnenstraat - straight along Konijnendreef - left into Kraaienberg - straight along Steenovenstraat - passage under A12 - keep right along Steenovenstraat - straight along Antwerpsebaan- left into Dorpstraat - left into Schouwvegerstraat - right into Antwerpsebaan - straight along Antwerpsebaan until Noorderlaan - straight along Noorderlaan until 2nd round turning point (at the level of Opel) - after second round, straight along Noorderlaan - right into Oosterweelsteenweg - left into Vosseschijnstraat - straight along Vosseschijnstraat - left into Groenendaallaan- right into Noorderlaan - straight along towards ItaliŽlei - straight along Frankrijklei - straight along Britselei - straight along Amerikalei - right into Namenstraat - right into Vlaamse Kaai - transition zone entrance on Zuiderdokken

    In other words: The upper part of the cycle route is raced in 2 rounds, with turning point at Noorderlaan for the start of the 2nd round - see map.

  • Running -21 km
    START / Gedempte Zuiderdokken - left into Timmerwerfstraat - right into Cockerillkaai - straight along Sint-Michielskaai - follow E. Van Dijckkaai - right into Suikerrui - loop on Grote Markt - right into Suikerrui - right into E. Van Dijckkaai - straight along Jordaenskaai - loop turning point at the level of Brouwersvliet - back South via Scheldekaaien - loop turning point at the level of Namenstraat - directly North via Scheldekaaien - 4 rounds - after the 4th round on Scheldekaaien right into Suikerrui - left into Grote Markt - FINISH

    copyright 2006, Antwerp Ironman 70.3